From Zero to 10M ARR in three years (with 50% profit margins…)

Chronicling the Helply journey in public with full transparency—from "Aha" moments to "Oh shit" challenges. We're learning a lot and so will you.

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    Alex Turnbull

    Founder & CEO

    Who am I?

    👋 I'm Alex. I've founded three businesses: one sold for eight figures, another valued at over $40M, and my latest is just starting. I was an early #buildinpublic founder with Groove’s Journey to 100K blog, featured in 100+ media outlets. I grew Groove from $0 to $5M ARR without funding. My new challenge is to bootstrap Helply in public from zero to $10M ARR in three years with over 50% EBITDA, sharing my insights on building profitable, capital-efficient, lean, bootstrapped SaaS businesses.

    What will you learn?

    🚀 Actionable tips to grow a profitable SaaS business
    📚 Education around the future of AI in customer service
    🔥 Transparent & actionable advice, no fluff
    💼 Exclusive updates on growth